“The most direct path to individual, team, and organizational improvement begins with building on your employees natural strengths while blocking their natural blockers to improved performance.”

"The Human Performance Game is changing. Would you be interested in receiving a 17-minute presentation of the Critical Human Performance ANSWERS that actually drive human results? See it here!"

What we've discovered about human performance:

Employee performance is NOT a single measure. It is a performance matrix comprised of 4 major integrated ingredients. We've identified those ingredients and we offer the validated instruments that can measure those factors ... and best of all, we've integrated those factors into a reliable performance answer that provides our clients with "the making great people decisions insights" they really need.

"Give me an ANSWER ... not more pages of data that I have to decode!"

Why would I want to take your tools for a testdrive?

When you are looking to make great people decisions, you need great performance ANSWERS. If you're currently using a performance tool that isn't integrated or just gives you pages and pages of data points that you have to decipher rather than giving you a reliable performance answer, then we would like to invite you to experience our alternative - We deliver Performance Answers that are simple to understand and that you can trust. Our performance toolset gathers the critical performance factors and presents them in an easy to read 8 page executive performance summary that INCLUDES a performance summary, a screening and hiring recommendation, developmental suggestions, communication style and teamwork indicators.

The Executive Summary is built upon and incorporates the Nobel Peace Prize nominated science into critical thinking, the Harvard based research into human motivation and over 65 years of behavioral and communication studies. We've integrated these solid performance factors into a reliable performance matrix that gives our clients the employee performance answers they want and need to make reliably great people decisions.

The Bus Concept Performance Zone Technology is built upon the Nobel Peace Prize nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman. This amazing work has been carried on by Wayne Carpenter, who was one of Dr. Hartman's graduate students at the University of Tennessee. Wayne has spent 30 years scientifically expanding, validating, and translating Dr. Hartman's revolutionary discovery into modern business models. His tireless effort has validated the ability to precisely measure the individual human thinking patterns that drive all decisions, and he has built that understanding into these reports. He confirms Dr. Hartman's contention that while all human beings Value Reality using the same 3 dimensional STRUCTURE OF VALUE, we each adjust our valuation of reality using our own unique combination of the Clarity, Personal Bias, and Balance that we bring to the decisions we make. Thanks to Wayne's 30-year quest for excellence we can offer you accurate predictive performance information based upon the precise measurement of the unique thinking pattern of any candidate or incumbent.

Our Success is directly tied to the QUANTITY AND THE QUALITY OF THE DECISIONS WE MAKE!

What makes it Unique and Why does it work?

Every action is first preceded by a DECISION to take that action. This technology scientifically measures the components of the decision making process translated into the net performance you can expect. The root cause of performance is, of course, the CHOICES WE MAKE. Measure the quality and quantity of the choices…and measure the performance prediction with stunning reliability.


Listed below are some of the tools we could use to improve employee performance in your organization. If the reports shown do not meet your specific needs, please contact us. We may be able to generate other reports that assist in addressing what is important to you, what concerns you and what frustrates you in regards to employee performance.

For additional information, please contact me at Dnbeard@roadrunner.com.

The above represents a portion of the tools we use to improve performance in your organization. If the reports shown do not meet your specific needs, please contact us. We may be able to generate other reports that assist in addressing your performance issues.


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