“The most direct path to individual, team, and organizational improvement begins with building on your employees natural strengths while blocking their natural blockers to improved performance.”

Net Talent...What is "Net Talent?"

Like Net profit, or Net loss...Net Talent is a superior way to measure and predict employee performance.

It is the strength of one's strengths impacted by the strength of one's performance blockers.

Since EVERYONE has natural strengths and EVERYONE has natural PERFORMANCE BLOCKERS...for the first time ever, there is a scientifically reliable way to measure "NET TALENT"...and the probable performance that it will produce!

"The Bus Concept tools are the best we've ever seen. We don't make a hire without them."

"We use the Employability Screen as the first step for every candidate we think would be a good fit for us."

If You think you can see behind a Candidate's Interviewing Mask...You're a better interviewer than we were!"

"These tools are simply amazing. We are recommending them to our business associates."

The Bus Concept™ is different.

We're experienced Behavior Analysts. We combine 15 years of Selection, Development, Leadership Training, & Teamwork experience with these Revolutionary Performance Tools that are built upon Nobel Peace Prize nominated research plus 30 years of ongoing validation, application and translation into these modern business models.

Our efforts are clearly focused on bringing our clients a series of tools that will enable them to ALIGN the talent within their organizations with their Strategic Business Plans.

Our clients tell us time and time again that they WANT to optimize the talent in their organizations and they certainly WANT to USE those talents in an effective way...but they are not sure exactly HOW TO DO THAT.

That's where we come in. We'll show you how to do it...We'll demonstrate the process for you at no charge...and you will see the results immediately.
Employee Recruitment/Selection

As covered on the HOME PAGE, imagine having the ability to know if your applicant can:
  1. Identify the core issues that are driving a problem, challenge or opportunity.
  2. Create a workable solution for the identified core issue(s) needing attention.
  3. Implement the workable solution that respects the guidelines of the organization and within the scope of the resources that are currently available to the individual.

The Bus Concept™ answers those 3 critical questions with scientific precision.

The tools we use for this aspect of the Employee Lifecycle are discussed below.

Would you be interested in Finding the ANSWERS to the 4 Critical Performance Questions that Support SUCCESS in Virtually EVERY Role?

Workplace Strengths ... A Multi-Dimensional Strength Screen + DISC Behavioral Measures

We are pleased to announce our new Low Cost WORK ETHIC and HIRING SCREEN + DISC instrument that provides you with a powerful candidate performance ANSWER – SATISFACTORY or CAUTIONARY. That answer is based upon the candidate’s integrated scores in the following Four (4) WORK ETHIC MEASURES that support strong performance in virtually every job that interacts with and supports co-workers OR the general public:
  1. Will this candidate WORK EFFECTIVELY with customers, co-workers and managers?
  2. Will this candidate REMAIN ENGAGED AND EFFECTIVE when under stress and pressure?
  3. Can this candidate PRIORITIZE their workplace activities and responsibilities?
  4. Will this candidate be PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE for their own actions in the workplace?
Your summary will report on the DISC Behavioral Style the candidate will display to your customers, co-workers and managers.

We report specifically on HOW the candidate’s overall WORK ETHIC will be shared, delivered or displayed to other people. This behavioral style is measured via the world class DISC behavioral tool. DISC is a supportive and incredibly reliable and powerful measurement that blends beautifully with the work ethic screen to identify HOW this person will interact and communicate with others. It identifies how assertive, outgoing, patient and precise this candidate will be as they apply their work ethic in the pursuit of your organization’s day to day operations.

Included with the summary report is the candidate’s:
  • Primary Communication Style
  • Key Behavioral Insights
    • Emotional characteristic
    • Goals
    • How others are valued
    • Influences group
    • Value to the organization
    • Warning
    • When under pressure
    • Fears
  • Primary Workplace Strengths for the candidate
  • Workplace Areas needing potential support
We then provide a hiring recommendation for your consideration.

Level I Performance Assessment

Initial Work Ethic Screen
Imagine a Low Cost initial screen that measures the near universal NEED TO KNOW CAPACITIES of one's ability to:
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Avoid periods of disengagement
  • Evaluate and prioritize current activities
  • Be personally accountable for their actions

The Initial Work Ethic Screen© provides you with the distinct advantage that enables you to determine if a candidate’s credentials are supported by a strong work ethic BEFORE you move them into the final selection process.
The Bus Concept™ candidate initial screening process has three (3) basic steps:

(1) Candidate Eligibility: You review the candidate’s credentials to determine if they have the education, experience, certifications, track record of DOCUMENTABLE RESULTS, job stability and specific training(s) needed to do this job.
(2) Candidate Suitability: We provide the Work Ethic Multiplier to determine if the candidate has the generic work ethic multiplier that is highly desirable in virtually every job?
(3) Determine if the combined credentials AND work ethic multiplier is strong enough for the candidate to be considered a finalist.

The Workplace Driver Index

"The (7) Seven Workplace Drivers"
Discover the strength of your internal drivers that
contribute to and influence your actions.

This report presents the relative framework and hierarchy of the 7 basic workplace drivers/motivators that we feel compelled to satisfy as we attempt to make "our good, better, and best decisions." The strength of each workplace driver provides an indicator of the energy and effort we are likely to expend in order to accomplish our assigned goal(s) and objective(s) in a way that also satisfies our strongest workplace drivers while subordinating our lower scoring one(s).

The 7 Workplace Driver Report show us HOW WE PRIORITIZE OUR PURSUITS. We tend to view options that reflect our higher scoring drivers as important and subordinate other options that do not.

Think of the 7 Workplace Drivers as insightful measures that reflect, contribute and influence our overall decision making pattern by revealing each driver's relative weight or influence i.e., we are often forced to satisfy one driver at the expense of another. In fact, there is a type of workplace driver synergy or interactive dynamic that can occur that can either amplify or mitigate the impact of a specific driver. For example, a very high economic driver and very low altruistic driver may cause a person's actions to reflect a strong amplification of the higher scoring driver.

This report measures your relative strength of the 7 Human Workplace Drivers. They are:
  • Aesthetic - a drive for balance, harmony and form.
  • Economic - a drive for economic or practical returns.
  • Individualistic - a drive to stand out as independent and unique.
  • Political - a drive to be in control or have influence.
  • Altruistic - a drive for humanitarian efforts or to help others altruistically.
  • Regulatory - a drive to establish order, routine and structure.
  • Theoretical - a drive for knowledge, learning and understanding.
Key Elements of the Workplace Drivers Index

Understanding the relative strength of your 7 Workplace Drivers will assist you to understand why you place your attention on some things and why some other things are not so important to you. It will also assist you to understand and appreciate that people are different and that being different is not "more or less than..." it's just different."

A closer look at the (7) Seven Workplace Drivers

Workplace Drivers/Motivators contribute to and exert influence on BEHAVIORS. They can be considered somewhat of a hidden contributor because they are not always readily observable. Understanding the hierarchy and relative strength of your workplace drivers will help you to understand WHY you prefer to do what you do.

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Behaviors (Mini DISCstyle report)

Behaviors define how we DELIVER our decisions into the world. It is a measure of how Dominant, Extroverted, Patient and Conscientious, Compliant and Rule Focused we are. We use the gold standard DISC behavioral survey. It has been used over 50 Million times and is extremely accurate in its ability to measure these human communication characteristics. We offer two models, the Mini-DISC report that often accompanies the initial Work Ethic Screen, and then the Expanded DISC report that is ideal for incumbents and new hires as it contains a wealth of communication and teamwork suggestions that are worth their weight in gold. (Expanded DISC report described on Individual Development Page)

Level II Performance Assessment

For a complete assessment, in order to get the right person on the right bus in the right seat, we need to find out if our candidate can:
  1. Perceive the core issues driving the:
    • Problem
    • Challenge
    • Opportunities
  2. Conceive a workable solution to the problem, challenge or opportunity?
  3. Implement their conception (workable solution) to the problem, challenge or opportunity?
The tool we use is the Performance Zone Report generated from the same initial survey. Following is an overview of the Performance Zone Report.

The Performance Zone Report©

(Management, Sales, Customer Service, Sales Management, Administrative & Executive Models)
"The Bus Concept "NET TALENT" scorecard will forever change the game!"

Dr. Hartman’s most prolific graduate student Wayne Carpenter has spent the past 30 years translating Dr. Hartman's "How the employee business brain works technology that enables our clients to accurately COMPARE any candidate's Predictive Performance to their specific benchmark(s) with mathematical precision.

This tool uses sophisticated validated performance algorithms to measure and compare the Quality and Quantity of the Clarity, Personal Bias/Focus and Balance of the candidate’s thinking abilities to the needs of the job as defined by the benchmark and then creates a “Predictive Performance Scorecard” that plots the candidate's job fit score. This comparative (degree of job fit) information is presented via our easy to read Performance Dials that shows you with scientific certainty where the candidate scores using one of our 4 major Performance categories:
Low Risk/Strong Fit for the job (Consider this an "A Score")
  • Situational Risk/Good Fit for the job (Consider this a "B Score")
  • Conditional Risk/Marginal Fit for the job (Consider this a "C Score")
  • Real Risk/Poor Fit for the job (Consider this a "D Score")

This revolutionary predictive scoring system virtually removes the guesswork from the selection process and gives you the objective scientific measurements what you want and need to use along with your review of the education, experience, track record and interviewing results of the candidate(s). This process will dramatically reduce expensive hiring errors and allow you ability to align the talent in your organization with your strategic business plan.

The Bus Concept Scorecard is the "Missing Ingredient" you'll want to use in order to get the right people on your bus and then put them in the right seats. Actually putting the right people in the right jobs will rocket you ahead of your competitors. It is simpler than you might think and the cost makes it a no brainer. Contact us for your complementary demo.

This is the cornerstone of the Bus Concept system. It enables our clients to accurately compare any candidate or incumbent to the performance needs of a specific job.

Performance Zone reports can be generated against generic jobs such as:
  • Tactical Mgt/Mid Level Manager
  • Customer Service
  • General Employment
  • Sales

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